The Fiduciaria Cavour

Our company is participated and managed by independent professionals (chartered accountants and lawyers) and it performs the activity of nominee and of administration of third parties' assets with the modus operandi typical of independent professions.

Fiduciaria Cavour s.r.l. obtained the authorization to act as authorised nominee according to the Law 23/11/1939 no 1966 from the Industry and Commerce Ministry by a decree dated February 11, 1991. It is a member of the association "Assofiduciaria"

Our Services

FIDUCIARIA CAVOUR mainly operates as nominee for the beneficial owners of any kind of investments. It operates, based on a specific mandate, on its name but on behalf of its client, the beneficial owner, strictly following his instructions.
Our company developed a significant experience in the nominee registration for the foreign investments held by residents of Italy and for the investments in Italy by non resident, either HNWI or institutional investors.

For the wealth management, we assist our clients in the estate planning procedures and in the transfer of family owned companies to the following generation; we also take part in the creation of trust by assuming the role of trustee. Our company provides its clients with corporate assistance by assisting to shareholders’meeting and, in general, exercising the shareholders’ rights. Our company provides the clients with tax representation for non-residents and fulfil the compliance for the holding companies (communications to the Anagrafe Tributaria – Archivio Rapporti).


Nominee registration of corporate shares of closely held corporations – family holdings and SMEs– shareholders’ loan, securities not traded in regulated market. Nominee ownership of portfolio assets through the registration of bank accounts, securities account and insurance contracts with Italian and foreign companies.


Collection of interest payments and other proceeds arising from foreign investments, determination and payment of taxes due. Since withholding taxes are applied at the time of collection, the beneficial owner (if resident of Italy) is exempted from filing the income tax return for such income.


Trust management of real estate properties and other assets (cars, boats, works of art, etc.) in Italy and abroad in case of management without nominee registration. Management of financial flows related to the assets that, in the case of absence of nominee registration, remains under the name of the client.


The company acts as manager with or without nominee registration, for works of art, relevant asset class for family assets, with the aim of ensuring the confidentiality of collectors, in order to obtain a structured governance for collections even in the case of inherited collections , exempting the collector from reporting obligations for the works of art held abroad.

Key values

Proficiency and Confidentiality

We are a team of experts assisting our clients by ensuring privacy and confidentiality. We make a point to providing accuracy and carefulness to details and to evolution of business environment.

Taylor made services

We provide our clients with tailor-made solutions and we build together with our clients their assets planning.


Fiduciaria Cavour is a lean structure that guarantees immediacy of intervention and flexibility of fees for its clients.

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Fiduciaria Cavour s.r.l.
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Capitale sociale: Euro 10.000 i.v.
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